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7 eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas that won’t cost the earth

There’s only one week until Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still running around doing last-minute Christmas shopping, and have yet to wrap them all.

Our belief at Mama Qucha is that every step you take towards a sustainable future, no matter how small, adds up and counts towards the bigger picture.  Here are some quick last-minute Christmas gift-wrapping ideas that are eco-friendly and won’t cost the earth. The great thing about most of these is you don’t even have to leave the house to choose and buy wrapping paper, and you avoid the temptation of buying convenient glossy paper, satin ribbons, plastics bows and glittery everything (because glitter is a microplastic, and that’s on my things-to-avoid list).

 So here goes… our gift-wrapping list for all you eco-mums and dads

1. Kids Artwork

There’s so much ‘artwork’ my son brings home from Childcare, this is probably the easiest option to repurpose as Christmas gift wrapping. It’s colourful, eco-friendly, and handmade.

Hand painted kids giftwrap eco friendly Christmas wrapping paper

Photo via Lay Baby Lay
2. Newspaper

I don’t have much of this lying around myself, but an alternative would be to use the local paper (which always ends up in our letterbox). Because its minimalist black and white, all you’d need is a finishing pop of colour – some twine or cotton cord would do perfect. And voila!

Newspaper used as wrapping paper for a gift

Photo via Shutterstock by Menna

3. Tissue paper

My favourite gift-wrapping choice! Somehow, I always end up with a stash of tissue paper in our home… from shoes we’ve bought throughout the year, clothing, presents gifted to us, etc. Simple and effective.

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping with tissue paper

Photo via Shutterstock by Natalia Lebedinskaia

4. Butcher’s paper

I went to the effort one year to buy butcher's paper to wrap everyone’s’ Christmas presents – to achieve a minimalist look that year. I only wish I had taken photos of all the presents under the tree!  Top it off with red / coloured twine or cotton cord, and decorate with the kid’s stickers (mine that year were from kikki.K). Even better, get the kids to create works of art on the butcher’s paper first, then wrap – for a truly unique and special gift. Wrapped with love.

Gift wrapped in Butcher's paper eco friendly Christmas

 Photo by Cindy Malette from Burst

5. Wrap it in fabric – the art of Furoshiki

This has been on my bucket list of things to try for a while now. Furoshiki is the Japanese art of using fabric to wrap gifts and other things to transport them. Historically a special Furoshiki fabric was used, however this method has been adapted to involve any fabric. Take that eco-step a bit further, and re-purpose pre-loved clothing or sewing cut-offs.  

 Christmas eco-friendly gift wrapping in traditional Japanese Furoshiki style

Photo via Shutterstock by Shyntartanya

6. Last year’s calendar

Ah, maybe this is my favourite, seeing as my calendar is a work of art (literally), and has been ripped out of a Frankie magazine.

7. Repurposed / reused Christmas paper

Am I the only one who has a stash of reused paper from previous years? Every year, I save the best of the opened Christmas presents to reuse the following year. Saves money, time and trees. Another win for the plant. This year, however, my family moved to Ireland, so most of what I normally would have used is back in Sydney. So, I’m using Frozen II Christmas wrapping paper on ALL our presents - even the ones from Santa. Why? Because I caved, and bought a roll at my son’s request, and it was only when I got home, I realised I accidentally bought 10 metres of it… So now, it will have to be re-purposed for next year’s arts and crafts, and possibly Christmas 2020 too.

Tell us how you wrap your presents in the comment below. Feel free to share the Christmas spirit, and share this blog post with your friends.


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About the Author

About the Author

Founder of Mama Qucha and stay at home mum to three little ones, Francisca uses her background in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability to share with readers information about motherhood, eco-baby and kids stuff, travel, and spending time outdoors and in nature with babies and toddlers. Grab your free beach packing checklist when you subscribe to her newsletter at, read the latest articles on her blog, and follow Mama Qucha on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest @mamaquchababy.

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