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Little baby Sussex and the Meghan Markle Effect

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Visit New Zealand. Source: Pool/Getty Images

Little baby Sussex could arrive any day now, and we at Mama Qucha can’t wait. I don’t know what it is about a royal baby that gets me (and a lot of other people) excited. I think as with the arrival of any new baby, it’s that air of magic and of possibilities and with a royal baby, of fairy tales being brought to life. I am especially excited with the arrival of this little baby, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have brought sustainability to centre stage and have shone a light on all things sustainable and eco-friendly. I’m hoping they will do the same for all things baby and eco.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Fraser Island in Australia. Source: Getty Images / Darren England

We think our Mama Qucha Beach Backpack would be perfect for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Made from 100% durable cotton canvas, with over 11 storage compartments (many of them water resistant) and with a hidden mesh sand release, it makes the perfect travel, beach and holiday bag for a royal couple who are always travelling and embracing the outdoors; and even more relevant now with a baby coming along. Large, organised eco-friendly, and ethically manufactured, the Mama Qucha beach nappy bag is not only fit for royalty but is the new must have item for all new parents and eco mums who love spending time in nature with their own little princes and princesses.

The Mama Qucha Baby Bundle in white - showing the Mama Qucha Beach Backpack and accessories at the beach

We will be keeping an eye out for all things the Sussex’s use and recommend for their little bundle of joy. We do hope Meghan Markle and Prince Harry enjoy every second with their new arrival and wish them best in every stage of parenthood (and hope Mama Qucha can slot somewhere into their lifestyle). We think Meghan will be the best mum ever!

The Duke and Duchess visit Bondi Beach Australia. Image source: Getty / Aaron Chown

Read more about Meghan Markle’s eco lifestyle here, which started way before she became Duchess of Sussex.

On another note, we hope everyone has a wonderful Easter long-weekend and uses this time to unplug, reconnect with nature and spend time with their loved ones.

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About the Author

About the Author

Founder of Mama Qucha and stay at home mum to three little ones, Francisca uses her background in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability to share with readers information about motherhood, eco-baby and kids stuff, travel, and spending time outdoors and in nature with babies and toddlers. Grab your free beach packing checklist when you subscribe to her newsletter at, read the latest articles on her blog, and follow Mama Qucha on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest @mamaquchababy.

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