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What to pack in your baby beach bag

Going to the beach with little ones can seem overwhelming, but with the right packing and the right baby beach bag / nappy bag it doesn’t have to be. The following is a list of what we believe are essential items to take to the beach with babies and toddlers, so you can leave the house, get into nature and make great memories with your children.

  1. Sun protection: rashies (rash vests), a beach hat, baby sunscreen, baby sunnies, swimmers and swim nappies are a must. Most toddlers as you know love the beach, the sand and the water. Its hard to keep them in one spot under the shade, so you’ll find you have to have them well protected from the sun anywhere they go. If your toddler is still in nappies (and for babies) you will need two pairs of swim nappies just in case. If you’re going for a long day visit, or whenever you can manage it, a beach umbrella, beach tent or canopy is also a must. But again, you’ll find for a short visit you’ll be spending most of the time going between the sand and the water with your toddler.
  2. Change of clothes: As with packing any nappy bag, you will need to pack a change of clothes for your baby or toddler just in case of any accidents, such as vomits / poonamies / spills etc. Depending on the weather and for chilly evenings, you might also need to pack them warm clothes for after a swim.
  3. Baby change items: nappies, wipes, change mat, hand sanitiser, nappy plastic bags / wet bag (this is for babies and toddlers still in nappies). Pack as many nappies according to the length of your stay at the beach. Make sure these are easily accessible; the Mama Qucha Beach Backpack’s outside zipped pocket is large enough to fit most nappy clutches and change mats and even a small handbag.
  4. Dummy / teething rings: This is a must for babies that are teething, as they will want to put anything in their mouths, which could mean anything at the beach. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store these, as you want to store them well away from the sand.
  5. Beach toys: Make sure to pack at least a spade and bucket, as this will keep your toddler entertained for hours. Any other toys are a bonus. Toy excavators and dump trucks make great beach toys. Even better if you can fit these in your beach bag; so make sure your bag is waterproof or has a waterproof compartment for these toys to carry home after a wet and sandy day at the beach. The Mama Qucha Beach Backpack side pockets are plastic lined with a mesh base perfect for storing small beach toys.
  6. Towels: Pack a baby/toddler hooded towel, as this means they can dry off while walking back to the car or on the way home. Make sure you have a beach bag big enough to fit the towels you need, as you won’t want to be carrying things in your hands if you have a baby to carry or toddler to chase after. We find Turkish towels and Brazilian cangas are super compact to fit into any beach bag and are large enough for a small family to sit on at the beach.
  7. Snacks and drinks: Always carry enough snacks to last the length of your beach visit, or bring money to buy something there. Cool snacks and drinks are best on hot days, so make sure you pack these in an insulated lunch box or bag. Even better if this fits into your beach bag. For babies, make sure you have enough water or milk for them. If you are breastfeeding, make sure you yourself are well hydrated at the beach.
  8. Your valuables: Make sure your beach bag has a zipped pocket for your own valuables, such as a wallet, coins, credit cards, phone, sunnies and house/car keys. Even for a small beach visit, you might need some coins for a coffee at the beach café, or even an ice-cream! You will also want a bag where these items are easily accessible and not squashed at the base of your bag, especially accessing your keys once you get back to your car. The worst thing is getting to your car and realising the keys are somewhere at the bottom of your bag and having to place your bag down whilst holding your baby/toddler to rummage through your bag. The Mama Qucha Beach Backpack has coins/cards and keys pockets located on the bag straps for easy access! Just genius.
  9. Thongs! (also called flip flops): The first thing most people do when stepping onto the beach is to get their shoes / thongs off. But where do you put your shoes? Your ideal baby beach bag would have a spot for your shoes that is waterproof and preferably also lets the sand out, like the Mama Qucha Beach Backpack side pockets!
  10. Plastic bags: Pack enough bags to store your kid’s sandy swimmers and swim nappies after a day at the beach. Wet bags are a great alternative to single use plastic bags as they are sturdier, last longer and are therefore better for the environment. At the end of their life, you can place them in the red cycle bins at your local Coles and Woolworths or alternatively if you are not based in Australia, other soft plastic recycling schemes (which may be available overseas). The Mama Qucha large wet bag fits two to three regular sized towels and fits comfortably in the main compartment of the Mama Qucha Beach Backpack.
  11. Your beach essentials: Pack for yourself too. If you are going for a swim, you’ll need to pack swimmers and towels for yourself as well. We find that you can minimise what you pack in your bag by having all the sun safe things (such as sunnies and sun hats) on you already before you walk onto the beach.
  12. A beach bag: You will want your beach bag to be either washable or wipeable, as we all know toddlers and the beach equals sand and stickiness everywhere. The Mama Qucha Beach Backpack in turquoise and pink are washable, as they are 100% cotton. The Mama Qucha Beach Backpack in white is made of waxed cotton canvas, so is wipeable. Our favourite feature is it’s hidden zipped mesh base, so you can let the sand out through the base without having to tip the bag upside down. The last thing you want is to take the sand home with you. With the right baby beach bag, you’ll be organised and prepared for anything the day may throw at you.

The Mama Qucha Beach Backpack in turquoise shown at Tamarama beach in Sydney

Amazingly, all of this and more fits into the Mama Qucha Beach Backpack! The most organised, functional, stylish and unique baby beach bag there is. What are your baby beach bag essentials? Is there something we missed? We’re always looking at ways to improve our baby beach bag design. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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About the Author

About the Author

Founder of Mama Qucha and stay at home mum to three little ones, Francisca uses her background in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability to share with readers information about motherhood, eco-baby and kids stuff, travel, and spending time outdoors and in nature with babies and toddlers. Grab your free beach packing checklist when you subscribe to her newsletter at, read the latest articles on her blog, and follow Mama Qucha on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest @mamaquchababy.

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