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7 eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas that won’t cost the earth

There’s only one week until Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still running around doing last-minute Christmas shopping, and have yet to wrap them all. Our belief at Mama Qucha is that every step you take towards a sustainable future, no matter how small, adds up and counts towards the bigger picture.  Here are some quick last-minute Christmas gift-wrapping ideas that are eco-friendly and won’t cost the earth.

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Mama Qucha shortlisted Best Changing Bag in the UK Mother&Baby Awards!

Hurrah!! We are super happy to announce that the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack in turquoise has been shortlisted in the UK Mother&Baby Awards 2020 for the Best Changing Bag! This is a huge achievement and we couldn’t be more excited! There are so many amazing changing bags and other baby products that go into this competition and get independently tried and tested by real mums, that we’re over the moon that the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack made it amongst the best!

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Mama Qucha. The name behind the brand.

So, what's with the fancy pants name?  Mama Qucha (pronounced Mama Kohcha) means ‘Mother Ocean’ in Quechuan, the native language of the Andes. Mama Qucha was known by the Incans as the goddess of the ocean and all water bodies, such as lakes and rivers. In coming up with a name, I was looking for something that was ocean inspired, with a beachy Spanish flair. 

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