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Nappy Backpack

The beautiful, functional and unique Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag has been thoughtfully designed by a Sydney mum-of-three, to hold everything you would need for a big day out with babies and toddlers. With so many large, water resistant, and easy access pockets and compartments in clever places, this is the perfect bag for any parent who loves an adventure and is always on the go.
Easy to reach pockets on the straps mean you won’t have to take the bag off and rummage around the bag to find keys or small change. Padded s-curved straps means this bag is so comfortable you won't feel any weight on your shoulders and won't mind carrying this bag when you can't hang it off your pram. The bag is soft but durable and constructed from cotton canvas, which means you won’t be buying a new bag every summer and it will actually last you past the baby years as it doesn't look like a typical nappy bag. 
The water resistant base compartment is great when out and about, for storing anything you would like to keep separate from the rest of the bag, like an extra set of dry clothes, spare nappies, dirty clothes or bibs, food etc. 
And the large side pockets are great for a long day out when carrying your own water, your kids water bottles and even multiple baby bottles. The snap closure on the side pockets means your drinks won't fall out when you bend over to pick up your toddler with the backpack on. 
And the best feature? You don’t have to tip your bag upside down to shake out any crumbs, dirt or sand at the end of the day – just unzip the base and shake the bag upright to let out anything through the mesh in the base compartment!
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