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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your information. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered below, please contact us.

Will you be having any other colours in future

Yes, we have other colours in the pipeline for the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag / diaper bag and accessories, but unfortunately not in the near future (not in the next 12 months - this might change, please check back here or subscribe to our mailing list for updates). We would love to know what colours you would love for us to have in our future ranges – feel free to contact us to let us know. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @mamaquchababy, or subscribe to our email list to see when we launch new colours in our range.

How big is the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag?

The Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag / diaper bag has a main internal volume of 23.5 litres. When combined with the side pockets and base wet compartment it totals approximately 26.5 litres. The bag sits nearly 40cm tall. This backpack is on the larger end of most nappy / diaper backpacks, as it has been designed to fit all the items usually brought to the beach, and eliminate the need to carry numerous other bags. It’s the ultimate baby beach bag. Because of it's generous size and water-resistant pockets, it also makes a great day bag and travel bag.

Does the  Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag / diaper bag fit a laptop?

No. Unfortunately due to the inside pockets sitting at the rear of the backpack, the laptop would sit in an awkward position, and as such is not safe to place a laptop inside. We will think about this in future versions of the bag. 

How big is the Large Wet Bag?

The large Wet Bag has been designed to sit comfortably in the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag / diaper bag, which has a main internal volume of approximately 23.5 litres and sits nearly 40cm tall. The large drawstring Wet Bag is large enough to fit approximately two large towels, or three medium-sized towels.

What is the little pocket inside the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag for?

We designed this pocket to hold teething rings and/or a dummy (pacifier) as it is food-grade and insulated, but it can be used for anything small really – so it lasts past the baby years, and can even be used for those without kids – use it for all the small stuff… headphones, coins, medicine, eye drops, contacts, hair elastics, etc.

What can you use the bottom hidden compartment in the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag for?

We designed the bottom compartment to be used as a wet / dry compartment, so you can store wet wrung out swimmers after a day at the beach or pool, or store dirty clothes, burp cloths or bibs so they are kept separate from the rest of the bag. This is a perfect spot to store dirty items when walking back to the car from the beach. You can also use this compartment to store anything you would need to be easily accessed, as you won’t need to open the main bag to get to it.

Why are the side pockets of the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag so deep?

The side pockets of the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag are deep enough for even the widest, longest bottles or numerous small baby bottles, and the snap closure means you won’t have to worry about your bottle falling out whenever you bend over with the backpack on. The pockets are also lined with waterproof BPA-free and PVC-free plastic, so they can hold things such as icy-cold water bottles, and not get your bag wet. The mesh at the base means that any sand on the outside of your drink bottles will fall straight through the bottom of the bag.

We initially designed these side pockets to fit adult-size thongs / flip-flops, as these are the first thing most people take off when they get to the beach. However, we found that these pockets are multi-purpose, and can fit most things you would need at the beach, such as beach toys, large bottles, and easy-access burp cloths. 

Are the bags made made ethically?

Yes. Everything minus the Mama Qucha Cuzco Clutch / nappy clutch is made by a family-owned manufacturer who is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified and audited and ISO9001:2015 certified (International Standards Organisation certification for quality). For more information, see the sustainability page.

The Mama Qucha Cuzco Clutch is ethically made also - please see the Cuzco Clutch collection page.

Can’t I just use a regular bag to go to the beach?

Of course. I used just a regular backpack when I first went to the beach with my son. I quickly found that my regular backpack did not have easy access pockets where I needed them, did not have large waterproof pockets for his wet swimmers, and it was hard to fit all the nappy change essentials in the backpack, let alone find them quickly when I needed them. I became frustrated with the bag itself, as my son waited patiently (and shivering cold) for me to find his things. There was also no convenient spot to store sunnies, car keys and coins (for the parking meter, or a quick ice-cream / coffee after the beach). My regular backpack also didn't have pram straps, so I couldn't rest my shoulders when I actually had the pram with me - like a day at the pool.

Why does the backpack cost more than a nappy bag I saw on eBay / Amazon / online?

Because our bags are made from quality materials like (16 ounce) cotton canvas, real vegetable-tanned leather accents, YKK zips, and eco-plastic (PEVA). Most other nappy bags are typically made of cheaper, lower quality (and bad for the environment) polyester / synthetic materials, imitation leather and cheap zips.

Why aren’t your bags made of plastic? Or lined with polyester or nylon?

The short answer is because we wanted to create an environmentally-friendly bag that wasn’t made of petroleum-derived materials, which would contribute to the plastic pollution in the world. The long answer is in our blog post 'Microfibres. What are they? And why they're kind of a big deal'. We don’t use vegan leather either, as most vegan leather is really just plastic (that is made to look like leather). We will look into alternative recycled plastic materials in future designs. 

I’ve heard beach buggys / beach carts are great for family beach visits? Why do I need a functional beach bag?

Mama Qucha offers an alternative to taking a pram or beach buggy / beach cart to the beach. You’ll find most prams are useless at the beach as their wheels aren’t designed to roll over sand and you would end up dragging the pram along the beach. Also, you’ll need to physically carry the pram up and down stairs at most Sydney and urban beaches – which I’ve seen plenty of parents do. Beach carts are great, but not very practical for just a short visit to the beach, and especially when you want to go by yourself, and don’t want to carry that much with you. Another downsize is size... you would have to have a big boot to fit the beach cart in your car plus all the beach essentials, and having the beach cart in your boot means you probably won’t be able to bring a pram, which means you’d miss out on those beach strolls along the promenade after your beach visit, so you’d probably cut your day short. It all gets a bit much. We created the Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack / baby beach bag to make family beach visits hassle-free, and to make parent’s lives just that little bit easier.